Data issues and how to re-enable

Data issues are areas in your contact data that Schoolcomms has highlighted an issue with.

When an import is run in Schoolcomms the system checks the data and will flag if there are any anomalies, producing a report of data issues which you are prompted to view and action.
Any changes will need to be applied in your MIS and then the import re-run to remove the data issue.

Most commonly this is based on the contact details held in Schoolcomms but data issues also flag up any other errors the system may have found after an import.

When viewing your data issues the error column will give details of the data issue. This list can be viewed on either the desktop or web version of Schoolcomms, this list can be saved and filtered via the web version of Schoolcomms (this facility is not available on the desktop version).

You can find your data issues in Schoolcomms by going to one of the following:

  • Desktop version (SIMS/CSV schools only) of Schoolcomms:
    Management>Import Management>Task list>Data Issues
  • Web version of Schoolcomms:
    Dashboard> Management Report> Import Data Issues

Data issues include

Permanent Bounce

At least three emails to this address have failed to be delivered. This could be due to; the email is no longer active, or there is something stopping emails from getting through on the contact’s side e.g. strict security filters. Check with the contact that this email is still valid, if so you should ask the contact to add your Schoolcomms email address to their safe sender's list on their email account. In order for them to receive emails again you will need to re-enable their email via Schoolcomms > Linked People. Please find information below to assist you with re-enabling. 


The contact (or their system) has marked your email address as SPAM or junk, blocking the email address. Check with the contact that they want to receive your emails – if they do, you will need to re-enable their email address in the linked people screen. If an email is marked as SPAM a second time we will need to re-enable the email for you, to request this please email confirming the email or click here to submit a support request. We recommend that you ask the contact to add your Schoolcomms email address to their safe sender's list.

Text delivery failure

This means that the last three or more text messages you have sent to this contact failed to be delivered. Most commonly this is because the number is incorrect or invalid. Check you have the correct number in your MIS and the location is set as Mobile, run the Schoolcomms import. If the number was correct it will need re-enabling in Schoolcomms > Linked People. Please find information below to assist you with re-enabling. 

Invalid email/mobile

The email address or mobile number stored in your MIS is in the wrong format. Most commonly too many digits. This will need updating in your MIS and an import then run in Schoolcomms.

Permissions (SIMS Schools only)

If you see a message that says you don’t have the correct permissions in SIMS to run the Schoolcomms import. To resolve this issue you will need to get your SIMS system manager to correct these SIMS Permissions. Failure to resolve your data issues promptly may result in phone calls from your parents as they may not be able to access School Gateway, receive message and or make payments.

Click here to access information to assist you with deleting leavers.

Re-enabling Data Issues

If you have blocked mobile numbers and email addresses showing in your data issues, firstly, you must check with contacts that the information you have for them is correct before enabling any emails or numbers.

  • If the contact information is incorrect, please amend the contact’s MIS record and run an import in Schoolcomms for the changes to take effect. Please note: for schools using Wonde, the data is imported from your MIS on an hourly basis so users will need to wait an hour after making any amendments within your MIS before running an import to ensure the latest data is imported.
  • If the contact information is correct, re-enable their email address / mobile number from within Schoolcomms.

Re-enable an email address / mobile number:

  • Go to Dashboard, School Members.
  • Search for the Student, click on the Student.
  • The Linked People window will open, click on the arrow at the end of the contact with a contact method missing.
  • Under Actions click on Re-enable read the warning and confirm that you want to re-enable the contact.
  • You will see that the contact method will revert back to include the previously blocked contact method.
  • The email address or mobile number will be unblocked and you can send messages to them again.
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