Transaction not yet collected by till

What is the issue and who does it effect?

Where a school uses a cashless till integration there are occasions where a payment may not be seen in a pupil's meal balance.  This is usually realised when the pupil is unable to make a purchase, even though their account balance has been credited within ParentPay.  It can also be seen in the Parent Application when reviewing payments as per the flag in the image below:

Why does it happen?

This will occur when the till system has not yet received the payment made through ParentPay.  

ParentPay perform regular checks to confirm that the balance stored on ParentPay is the same as that recorded on the till. If the balances are different, the ParentPay system will automatically adjust to display the current till balance.

This is visible on the parent's statement as an ‘Adjustment made to match till balance’ and due to a slight delay, can temporarily indicate that a payment has not been received by the till (resulting in a negative adjustment) or that it has not been acknowledged yet (resulting in a positive adjustment).

School managers can also see this in the balance report as an 'Adjustment to match till balance'.

If a parent selects the link for the flagged transaction, they will be provided with the following message.

Your school use ParentPay along with a cashless till system to allow children to make purchases without the need for cash.

For this to work, both systems need to regularly communicate the changes that have occurred, ensuring payments are sent from ParentPay to the till and that any purchases and the resulting balances are updated from the till back to ParentPay.

This situation should be temporary and once the payment has been successfully collected and acknowledged, a further adjustment will be made to update the ParentPay system to the new till balance.

Where the problem continues it could indicate that the funds available on the till do not match those seen on ParentPay and may therefore affect a child’s ability to make purchases using the till.

If the balance does not correct itself after further payments have been made, you should raise this with your school to investigate.


What should I do?

Normally no action is needed to resolve this and the balance will be matched on the till automatically in time. However, pupils effected by this issue may not be able to make payment for items until the balance has settled and you may wish to introduce a manual workaround for this temporary situation.

On rare occasion where the issue does not clear, you should contact the support team using the normal process so that they can assist you with looking into this issue.