ParentPay Clubs - How to add new sessions to an existing club

After creating a club and running it for its initial period, you may wish to make it available for additional sessions, such as a new set of swim sessions for the new term. You can use the same club repeatedly setting new sessions as and when required.

This article will teach you...

How to add more sessions to an existing club with sessions that can be booked individually

Navigate to Attendance, Meals, and Events > Clubs. 

The first step is to Select a Live Club

Click on Add sessions [1].


  • You will be taken to the Calendar page
  • Choose the date range that your club will be running between
  • Highlight the dates the club is running on by clicking on the individual squares, or by clicking the word ‘Wednesday’ if the club runs every Wednesday, for example.
  • Check the selected dates and deselect any dates which the club won’t be running on e.g. bank holidays or half terms.


  • When you are happy with the sessions chosen, click Save.
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