ParentPay Clubs - How to send messages about your club

You can use the ParentPay Clubs Messaging system to contact all parents associated with a pupil who is assigned to a club.

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How to send messages about your club.

Sending Messages

Navigate to Attendance, Meals & Events > Clubs.

Select the relevant Club from the Active Club List [1].


Once the club details have loaded select Send Message [2].


Upon selecting Send Message [2], a pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm who will be the recipients of the clubs message.

These are some of the options available to select:

All People [3]

Selecting this option will send the message to all recipients from the below categories.

People who have not been sent an email about this club before [4]
Selecting this message option will allow you to send messages about Clubs to recipients who have never received a message before. This could include new Club members and information relating to future club sessions.
All people booked onto this session [5]
Selecting this message option will allow you to send a message to all people who are currently booked onto the club session.
All people who have ever been booked onto a session for this club [6]

This option will send a message to people who may have never used this club before.

People who have a balance less than > [7]
This message option takes into account the balances of all members. If you need to send out a message in regard to finances, you can apply a limit so only specific members receive the message.
You will automatically land on Send a Text. Select Send an Email if you want to send an email from the tab at the top of the screen


Once you have selected the relevant recipient groups click Confirm [8].

You will now be taken to the ParentPay Communication Centre to continue.


You can book sessions for payers and they can pay via PayPoint.
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