Importing Data from ScholarPack into Schoolcomms

Your import settings determine the contacts and data that are imported from your MIS database.

To review your Schoolcomms Import Settings go to Dashboard > Import Management > Edit settings


Select which contacts you would like to import from your MIS database. By default, the import is set to include Priority 1 parents and all are flagged as prime. If you wish to include other priorities and/or parental responsibility and set another choice for prime/non-prime, click on Edit Priority Settings.


Select whether you wish to import email address and/or mobile numbers.

Tick the Send a text/ email to each new or changed number/address if you do wish to notify each new contact. We advise that the ‘Send a Text message to each new or changed number?’ option is left un-ticked for your first import as this will send a text to each new  contact you import and will use a large amount of your text credits.

Once you are happy with your chosen settings to import members, groups and contact details into Schoolcomms from your MIS click Save. You will now need to run an import, by clicking Run Import.

This data needs to be refreshed regularly to ensure it is up to date, so we advise you run an import every morning when you log in to Schoolcomms.

Please note that if you have reduced the import strategy, for example, changed the import from P1 and P2 to just P1 then we will need to complete a database task to remove the data that no longer meets the strategy, in this particular example delete all P2 contacts as their data will remain in your Schoolcomms account.

You can submit this type of request by either sending an email to

or by completing the School Support Request form here

If an individual contacts priority has been changed to a priority you are no longer importing in ScholarPack, you are able to delete them in Schoolcomms.

To delete the contact in Schoolcomms, please go to:

  • Schoolcomms 
  • Run an import
  • Click on school members and groups
  • Click on Manage school Members
  • Search the pupil’s name
  • Click on the Linked People icon
  • Click on the contact you need to delete
  • Click Delete

You will then see the following message:


Please be assured that this will only remove the linked contact from the relevant pupil.

(The contact would still remain linked to any other pupils where their Priority Setting hadn't been changed) 

Once deleted they will not be re-imported as they no longer have a Priority that you are importing.

Important considerations after import

After the first import has successfully completed the contacts with an existing School Gateway account will temporarily see the two accounts on School Gateway until the old account is disabled. (Providing the same contact details are in use on your new MIS compared to what they were using before.)

Staff members are unable to see two schools on the same School Gateway account so until the old account has been disabled Staff members will not see the new Schoolcomms account.

Wonde imports data from ScholarPack on an hourly basis so users will need to wait an hour after making any amendments within your MIS before running an import to ensure the latest data is imported.

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