CATERER APPLICATION - How to add/deactivate caterer manager account

By default ParentPay will create a single user account, it is then over to you to control who should or should not have access to your system. Here's how to create a new user for your colleagues or remove access if a colleague no longer needs access.

  This article will teach you...

How to...

  • add a caterer manager account
  • deactivate a caterer manager account

How to add a user account

1. Log in to your caterer application and select Settings[1]


2. Select Manage users[2] and then Add new manager[3]


3. Complete all fields marked as required (*) and any others as necessary before selecting Save



We recommend using a naming convention e.g. CATabcPW
CAT signifying a caterer account abc the initials of the company PW the initials of the user.

4. Confirm all the details and that you see the following success message.  Select Back to Manage users[4]


5. You'll now need to assign a role to this user account.  Simply select the icon under Change role[5] in the correct row with the user's detail.


6. Select the appropriate role from the drop-down menu[6], we recommend Overall and select Save new role[7]


7. A green success message should now appear, you can now select Back.


You can now pass the login credentials to the member of staff, they can now navigate to and log in.


Log-in details are not sent automatically


How to deactivate a user account

To comply with GDPR and safeguarding regulations you may need to remove someone's access to the system, here's how:

1. Navigate to Settings > Manage users

2. Locate the user account you wish to deactivate.

3. Click in the box[1] to the right of the row and select Deactivate selected users[2]


You'll notice you are unable to deactivate your own account.


Video guidance

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