How to generate reports using a GMA account

One of the main advantages of having all organisations under a Group Manager Application is the ability to report on all of them at once. This saves time not having to export multiple reports and consolidate them into one.

  This article will teach you...

How to access the reports section and give a brief overview of the reports.

How to access the reports

  1. Login to ParentPay using a Group Manager Application with the correct permissions.
  2. From the home screen, select Reports[1] and then select one of the reports in the drop-down menu[2].Reports_Menu_CO_1-2.png

Depending on the type of report you may need to select further filters such as dates, bank accounts or organisation.

What reports are available?

Settlement statements

ParentPay settles funds collected every week, typically this runs Wednesday - Tuesday.  ParentPay will deposit the total funds collected, less any product/transaction service fee and VAT on the fees into the nominated bank account.  This report can be broken down by payee (organisation), bank account and even down to accounting codes if you use this feature.

Settlement invoices
This report shows just the product/transaction service fees including any VAT on the fees for your records.  You may find these invoices useful if you are able to claim VAT back on the fees.

Video guidance

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