How to pay by Bank Transfer on the School Gateway APP

Please click here to access a short video to assist parents with making a payment via Bank Transfer

Alternatively please find instructions below:

Once logged in to School Gateway you will see the Home Screen

  • Click on the child you would like to make the payment for
  • Select the required payment request (if paying for a Club you must go to the Clubs tab first and book the session before paying. Paying for a Club will not secure a session)


  • Input the amount and click Add To Basket


  • Check the amount is correct
  • If the amount is incorrect, swipe from right to left on the payment added to the basket and delete. You can then re-add to the basket following the previous instructions


  • If the amount is correct click on Check Out
  • You will then see two different payment options: Pay By Card and Pay By Bank Transfer
  • To pay by Bank Transfer click on Pay by Bank Transfer
  • Your personal information will already be prefilled from what the school have on record for you and once you have entered your bank account details press Next


  • It will ask you to confirm the bank details are correct If your details are listed correctly and you are happy then press Confirm. This will confirm that you wish to set up Instant Bank Transfer.


  • At this point you will receive an email confirming that Instant Bank Transfer has been set up.

  • To proceed with the payment select Pay By Bank Transfer 

  • You will then see confirmation that the payment has taken place.
    Please note; when you make your first payment using Instant Bank Transfer it can take up to 10 working days for the funds to leave your account. After your first payment additional payments will then take 3-5 working days, however from the school’s point of view the payment will show straight away in Schoolcomms.






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