Staff App - Adding Mobile Staff

Mobile Kitchen staff members will need to be added to the Staff/Attendance apps via their payroll numbers, this allows them to sign into their timesheets or record any absences. 

  This article will teach you...

How to add mobile staff in Staff and Attendance apps.


Before starting this process you must ask for the Payroll Number for the mobile staff from your Area Manager. You are unable to complete this process without it.

Adding Mobile Staff via Staff App

Login to the tablet and select Staff [1].


You will now be able to view all Staff Timesheet [2] details for the current week. 

To add a Mobile Staff to the attendance list press on the 3 dots and select 'Add Mobile Staff' [3].


You will now want to enter the Payroll Number [4] into the pop-up box and select Ok [5].



A prompt will appear with the relevant Staff Members name. Please double-check that this is the staff member in question you wish to be added to the staff list.

Once you have confirmed the mobile staff details are correct, they will now appear alongside the other members of staff. Today we have used the example P Arksey [6] who has now appeared on the staff list.


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