Staff App - Recording Overtime

The Staff app can be used to record overtime hours for any member of staff.

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How to record Staff overtime using the Staff app.

Accessing Staff

Login to the tablet and select Staff [1].


Changing Staff Hours

Identify which member of staff you wish to record overtime for. For this example, we will be taking a look at the staff member Josephine Taylor [2] and the hours worked on Wednesday.

The Staff app states that Josephine worked 4 hours on Wednesday when in actual fact they worked 5 hours. We can change this by selecting the Wednesday Box [3] to load the staff details.


Select Total Hours Worked [4] 


Select the Clear Button [5] to remove the numerical value already inputted and use the Keyboard [6] to enter the correct amount of hours worked.

Once you have confirmed the details are correct select Ok [7].



The same process can be followed for manually adding Staff hours regardless if it is overtime or not.

Overtime Context

Now we must give some more context to the overtime hours:

Total Worked hours [8] shows the number of hours you inputted in the previous step.

Overtime type [9] must be given to the school administrator/area manager so they can identify the reason for the staff doing overtime.

Overtime hours [10] provide a breakdown of how many hours the staff member has worked above their contracted hours.

Overtime Reason [11] can be used to further explain why the staff member needed to work overtime.


Going back to the Staff page we can now see the updated Overtime Hours [12] have populated the Wednesday box.



Remember you must SYNC your tablet for the timesheet to be updated.

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