How do i create a donation page outside of normal ones we support?

As a company, ParentPay is committed to supporting specific pre-selected charities with vital fundraising in thousands of schools across the UK. We are proud of our partnerships supporting several great causes - including the BBC’s Children in Need and Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day that are close to the hearts of our staff, customers and users alike.

ParentPay strives to ensure we provide schools a cost-effective and secure platform to collect parental income.

The Payment Service Fee reflects the fixed costs we are required to pay to run the platform and keep it secure, to provide you with support and to ensure all payments and donations are processed safely and backed up with a full audit trail on settlement of the funds to the charities.

We also run dedicated marketing campaigns to coincide with our partner charities’ own fundraising appeals, the costs of which are all absorbed by ParentPay.

Waiving our fee would ultimately impact the quality of the service we deliver. We constantly explore and investigate ways to increase efficiencies and reduce our costs. We have committed to reviewing the PSF twice a year, passing on any benefit we can gain to you as a reduction. We will continue to do this and support you in collecting income safely and securely and helping wherever we can.

We wish you every success with your fundraising activities.

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