Kitchen Manager - Copy and Archive Forms

When a form has been created, you can edit the availability of it using the Design Tab.

  This article will teach you...

How to Copy and Archive Forms.

Accessing Forms

Go to Kitchen Manager > Design.

Select Form [1] from the list to load the Form details.


Copying Forms 

Upon selecting the relevant Form, a new tab will open with the Form details. 

Selecting Copy [1] will close the window and generate a copy of the selected Form.



A Copy of the Form [2] can now be seen within the Forms List.


Archiving Forms

Follow the same process from Step 1 (Accessing the Form Details) and select the Dropdown Box [1].

Select Archive [2] and select Save [3] to finish the archiving process.


Using the navigation tree on the left-hand side you can view all Archived Forms [4].

Archived Forms [5] will now appear within the list.


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