How do I record cash payments?

Are you still allowing cash payments at your organisation? If so, you can still record cash payments using the ParentPay system and also use this to help with reconciliation when it comes to banking.

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How to record cash payments

  1. Log in as a manager
  2. Navigate to Finance[1] > Cash and cheques[2]Cash_and_cheques_menu_-_CO_1-2.png
  3. Select the required payment item from the drop-down menu[3]Cash_and_cheques_payment_item_-_CO_3.png
  4. Ensure the method[4] says "Credit" and reason[5] says "Cash"
  5. Select the relevant options from Group 1 and Group 2 to help locate the relevant person use the search field underneath.  If searching for a leaver ensure you tick "Include leavers"
  6. Finally, click Search[6]Cash_and_cheques_payment_-_CO7-10.png
  7. Find the required person in the table below and complete the following details:
    • Amount[7] - the amount of cash collected
    • Internal comment[8] - a comment that can be used for audit purposes
    • Notes to payer[9] - a note that is visible to payers if they log in to ParentPay
  8. When you are ready select Credit[10]
  9. A new page will load up that can be printed off as a record of cash income, to continue, select OKCash_and_cheques_payment_complete_-_CO11.png


Check out this article for guidance on how to bank/reconcile your cash and cheque payments using the banking feature in ParentPay


Please do not debit any cash or cheque payments. Simply cancel the payment if you process any refunds

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