How to apply an event pattern to an individual person

Do you want to apply an event pattern to just an individual person? The patterns function will automatically mark the ParentPay attendance screen on a specified day or dates and will apply any applicable charges as set in the event "manage periods" section.

  This article will teach you...

How to apply an event pattern to an individual person.

  1. Log in to ParentPay as a manager
  2. Locate the person either using the search bar[1] or via People > Pupils and staffIndividual_Patterns_1_-_CO1.png
  3. Select the person's record[2]Individual_Patterns_2_-_CO2.png
  4. Scroll down to the Patterns sectionIndividual_Patterns_3_-_CO3.png
  5. Select Add new pattern[3]
  6. Complete all required details for the pattern[4] and select Save[5]Individual_Patterns_4_-_CO4-5.png


An event pattern can only start the following day