How do I bank/reconcile collected cash and/or cheque payments?

If you're still accepting cash and cheques then you'll want to use the banking screen. This screen will collate all of your cash and cheque payments that have been processed since the last time you completed the banking process on ParentPay and help you reconcile the payments ready for collection or depositing at the bank.

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How to effectively use the banking screen on ParentPay

  1. Log in as a manager
  2. Navigate to Finance[1] > Banking[2]Banking_screen_1_-_CO1-2.png
  3. If applicable, select the bank account[3] you wish to show funds deposited against (you may have collected monies for various payment items that settle to different accounts).Banking_screen_2_-_CO3.png
  4. Select the appropriate cheque and cash payments using the checkboxes[4].


    Notice that the total selected increases as a cumulative value when checking more than one payment.

  5. Select the date[5] the banking is/was completed
  6. Add a banking reference[6], it's normal for most organisations to use the reference on a paying-in slip.
  7. Finally, select Save[7]Banking_screen_4_-_CO5-7.png
  8. Repeat as required until all funds have been accounted for, banked and the totals state zero (£0.00) for both cash and cheque.


Once you start using the banking screen on a regular basis, you can see the banked cash and cheque values on a dedicated report.

  1. Login to ParentPay as a manager
  2. Navigate to Finance[1] > Reports[2] > Other Reports > Bank report (Report 08)[3]Bank_reports_1_-_CO1-3.png
  3. Select the relevant Report options[4] and select Show report[5]Bank_reports_1_-_CO4-5.png
  4. The report will show below and you can export it as Html or ExcelBank_reports_4_-_Blank.png


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