Kitchen Manager Stock - Previous Stocktakes

When a stocktake has been completed by the school kitchen and sucessfully synced, you can view the contents of said stocktake using Kitchen Manager.

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How to view a previous stocktake completed by the kitchen.

Navigate to Kitchen Manager > Stock.

Select the Relevant Site [1] from the navigation tree.

Upon selecting the Site, the most recent Stocktake completed by the kitchen will appear on the screen. A breakdown of the Item Quantity, Total Value, and Stock Template [2] can also be seen. Using the filter information you can see this is the most recent Stocktake via the 'Now' Filter [3].


Selecting the 'Now' Filter [3] will bring up a list of any Previously Completed Stocktakes [4] by the kitchen.


Selecting the list of dates will display the same information as the most recent information (i.e. Stock Value.)

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