Kitchen Manager - Creating an Order Using the Desktop

Using the tablet is not the only way you can create orders using Cypad. You can also submit orders using the Desktop application.

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How to create an order using the Kitchen Manager desktop application.

Navigate to Kitchen Manager > Orders.


The site must first be assigned to a stock template before starting this process. Please contact your Area Manager if you have any queries about this.

Select the Relevant Site [1] from the navigation tree and click on New Order [2] to begin the process.


Upon selecting New Order [2], a new window will appear on the screen with multiple options.

You will need to select a Supplier [3] from the list and click Next [4].


Please note that the supplier list may appear different to what you see in the following screenshot. For more information on available suppliers please contact your Area Manager who would have assigned these suppliers to the site.


For this example, the supplier Bako has been selected. 

You will first need to set a Delivery Date [5] using the dropdown calendar.


A list of all available Supplier Items [6] will now appear in yellow with a breakdown of the Item Code, Quantity Information, and Price.

To add items to the order, double-click the Stock Quantity [7] and enter the required amount needed for the kitchen. You must repeat this process for all items within the order.

If you are happy with the inputted Items click Submit [8].


Upon selecting Submit, a warning will appear with two different options:

Submit [9] will finish the order process and send the order through to the supplier.

Recording Purposes Only [10] will submit the order so it appears on the Cypad System but does not go through to the supplier. The only instance you will need to use this is if you need to record information from a telephone order. Dates selected can be in the past, today, or on a weekend date.


The submitted order will now appear under the Orders Section [11].



Please note that all Orders placed on the Manager App ignore "minimum days to order".

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