How to enable remote control in SOTI

To assist with troubleshooting a tablet, you can use SOTI to remote onto a tablet.

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How to enable the remote control function to be able to remote onto tablets

Before you can start this process, you will first need to contact Cypad support to request an account

  1. Go to SOTI
  2. Log in with your credentials
  3. Either go to your managed devices [1] or select the search bar [2] and type the name of the site or tablet number Managed_devices_1.png
  4. Once you click on the tablet it will open a new window. Click the device actions button [3] and type remote control [4].remote_enable.png
  5. Click on the star symbol [5] to favourite the button in the toolbar
  6. This will now allow the remote control button to appear in the toolbar
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