Kitchen Manager - Recording and Approving Staff Hours

The Staff App is not the only way to approve Staff Hours. You can use the Staff Desktop module to record and approve Staff Hours.

  This article will teach you...

How to Record and Approve staff hours using Kitchen Manager Desktop.

Navigate to Staff > Timesheets.

Select the Relevant Site [1] from the navigation tree and select the Staff [2] in question.


Within the new window, there are multiple options to configure:

Staff Details [3]

All relevant details of the staff member in question can be found at the top, this includes the Recorded Names, the Name of the Site they were present at and the date on which the shift was recorded.

Contract Details [4]
Section 2 covers the contract details for the member of staff. It shows the Recorded Contract hours for the staff member. This will be greyed out as you are unable to change this. Total Worked Hours must accurately record the total amount of hours worked by the staff member, alongside this you must update the Start Time and End Time.
Absences Details [5]
If required you can record the details of any absences. Absence will show a breakdown of the number of hours the staff member was not present. This is configurable if the staff member was to leave mid-way through the shift. A Reason must be given as to why the staff member was absent, options could include Sickness, Annual Leave, or Training. Non-Productive Hours can be used to identify hours when the staff member might be in training or travelling. If required a Note can be left to expand on the information entered.
Position Details [6]

The position is the position the staff member was employed as and can be changed if they work multiple roles. It's important to make sure the position is set correctly due to the fact the Hourly Pay Rate may change. The Approved Tickbox will be ticked in once the shift has been approved by a manager.

To finish the timesheet recording process select Save [7].



The maximum number of contracted work hours for staff has been reduced to 12 hours per day. 

Navigate back to Staff > Timesheet.

Select Approve Staff Hours [8] and choose one of the Approve Options [9]. 

Once one of the options has been selected, you will now be able to see a Breakdown [10] on the staff's record. Please note depending on the information you have entered into the Timesheet Breakdown, this information will also be displayed on the staff's record.


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