Add break items

There are two possible solutions for adding break items to your menus in Cypad. 

Please find below some useful information to assist you with this:

Option 1 - Create a full break menu


Break items set up using the following instructions can only be selected on the whiteboard - not on School Gateway or via the pre-orders tab (please see Option 2 for a workaround).

Alongside lunch selections, you are able to configure break menus in Cypad - this will include ‘Drink’ items and ‘Other’ items.

If you add both ‘Drink’ and ‘Other' items, children have to select both a ‘Drink' choice and an ‘Other’ choice - they are unable to choose only one. 

To allow break selections to be made in the whiteboard, please ensure you select the “Enable break pre-selection” checkbox in Cypad > Settings > Site info > Whiteboard

Please follow the steps below to create your break menus.

  • Create the menu items via Cypad > Menus > Items - the ‘Drink’ or ‘Other’ types need to be chosen, as these are the only two that are compatible with break menus. Ensure the relevant prices are entered in the boxes.
  • Via Cypad > Menus > Menus, create a Break menu under the Break heading on the left-hand side (by double-clicking on the Break header).
  • Drag and drop the drink/other menu items you created in Step 1 onto this menu, and click Save
  • Navigate to the Templates tab at the top of the screen and click on your school name
  • Drag and drop the break menu onto the ‘Break’ heading for the required weeks, and click Save.

On the whiteboard, “Lunch” and “Break” buttons will appear against the day, and the selections can then be made. Please be aware that these selections will then show in the Selection Summary report, but not in the Meals Selected or Tick List reports - so you would have to check on the whiteboard if you need to know which child has chosen a break item.


Option 2 - Use dessert items for break menu

When creating full break menus using Option 1 above, parents are not able to pre-order break items via School Gateway. As a workaround, if you do not currently offer desserts with your lunch menus, you can add break items as desserts. This will essentially act as a ‘normal menu' and allow full functionality in the whiteboard, School Gateway and via the pre-orders tab.

  • Create the menu items via Cypad > Menus > Items - please ensure you select the ‘Dessert’ type. Ensure the relevant prices are entered in the boxes.
  • To allow parents to select a main without a break item, and vice versa, you will also need to add the following items:
    • Create a Main item named “No main, break item only” (or similar) - ensure the price box is empty so that it is a free item
    • Create a Dessert item named “No break item - main only” (or similar) - the price box can be left at £0.00
  • Via Cypad > Menus > Menus, drag and drop these ‘dessert’ items onto the existing lunch menu(s), and click Save.
  • Bookings can then be made as normal.
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