Creating Menu items with Allergen requirements

Please note: that allergies are not imported from SIMS and need to be assigned manually. Please find instructions below to assist you with applying allergies in Cypad. 

  • Allergies will need to be manually configured for each child via Cypad > Meals > Students - click on the child’s name and click on allergies
  • Tick the respective allergies and Save
  • The allergies will then need to be applied to each menu item, via Cypad > Menus > Items - click on the item and click on allergies
  • Tick the respective allergies and Save

Go to Menus > Items > select a Menu Item Type > click Add

Make sure the following tabs are filled in:

Details tab

When filling in the details for a new Menu Item make use of the Name field[1] to include words like Gluten-free, Vegan, Dairy-free, etc.

Allergen & Dietary menu item 1.png

Allergens tab

The Allergens tab contains a checklist of the 14 most common dietary allergens and an option for No Allergens [1] if a menu item does not have any known allergens. If an Allergen is selected in the Allergen checklist the menu item will be unavailable for any students who are allergic to the allergen.

Allergen & Dietary menu item 2.png

Important:  This checklist should be completed and, if required, use the Notes [2] column to record any specific details for an allergen.

Click Save [3] to record the allergen information for a food item.

On the whiteboard/classroom selection area, if a given child’s allergy is also present in a particular item, this will be hidden from view. It will also not show as an option in the parent’s School Gateway account.

Please be aware: that if allergies are amended for a child and/or menu item and the parent has already pre-ordered items that now conflict with the child's new allergy, these pre-orders are not automatically removed. The parent will be able to select an alternative menu choice via School Gateway or alternatively you will be able to change this for them via the pre-orders tab in Cypad.

Alternatively, you can create a special menu for those with allergies - see below for further information:

Creating a special menu and linking to a child

If a child has specific allergies or dietary requirements, rather than manually assigning allergies/diet types to all menu items, you can instead create a special menu template and assign it to the relevant children.

  • Add any new menu items if required via Cypad > Menus > Items
  • Create the special menu via Cypad > Menus > Menus, by double-clicking on the Lunch header - then drag and drop the relevant menu items onto it.

  • Assign the special menu to the child via Cypad > Meals > Students - click on the child’s name and choose the special menu from the Menu Template drop-down.

The special menu will override the ‘normal' menu rotation, so School Gateway and the whiteboard will only display the special menu items for the child.

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