Visitors Meals

It is not currently possible for schools to manually add members into Cypad, the only way for meals to be recorded is for the school to add the member into SIMS as a staff member so that they are imported into Cypad.

Although you are able to add Visitors/staff members manually in Schoolcomms this wouldn't pull across to Cypad.

As a workaround, Cypad have suggested that you add various 'generic' visitor staff records in SIMS (e.g. 'Visitor 1', 'Visitor 2' etc.). These will then appear in Schoolcomms and Cypad and would allow you to record meals against them.

They have advised that a number of schools have followed this process in Cypad as a way of recording visitor meals, and have found it works well for them.

I would however advise you to submit a wishlist request for adding visitors directly into Cypad, as this facility provides us with evidence to support product improvements. Although the wishlist is primarily for Schoolcomms, any Cypad-related suggestions will be passed onto the relevant teams. 

Here is the link to submit your request;

Our product team welcome feedback from schools and regularly review the wishlist requests; items are incorporated into future developments depending on popularity and priority.


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