Parental Responsibility

Parental Responsibility is needed for parents to be able to give consent, see balances and make bookings on School Gateway.

You can check if the contact has Parental Responsibility in Schoolcomms via the Registered Users Report:

To access the Registered Users report go to:

  • Dashboard
  • Management Reports
  • Click on Registered Users
  • Filter as required

If it is missing, Parental Responsibility would need to be applied in your MIS in the pupils record;

Open the student’s Arbor record (either by searching in the top-right or navigating to Students > All students > Browse students)

  • Any current contacts show under the Family, Guardians and Contacts heading.

  • Click on the required contact - their record will open on the right-hand side.

  • To amend the parental responsibility (legal guardian = Parental Responsibility) field, click Edit and amend as required.

  • An import will need to be run in Schoolcomms for this to update.

Please be aware: Wonde imports data from Arbor on an hourly basis so users will need to wait an hour after amending any details in Arbor before running an import to ensure the latest data is imported.

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