Why are Teachers showing in Support Staff Groups?

Staff members are assigned to staff groups in Schoolcomms based on the business role passed to us by Wonde. Role information is collected from the contract information entered for a staff member within Arbor.

The staff members role needs to include 'Teacher' for them to be assigned to the MIS: STAFF - TEACHER (SCHOOLCOMMS CREATED) group. The system is case sensitive and is searching for 'Teacher' and not 'teacher' when assigning group membership.

If there are multiple business roles in Arbor please check in the contacts area in Arbor (Schools> All Staff> HR Admin> Contracts) ensure that both the Job Title and Position fields have a capital T for Teacher. 

This has been raised by our Development Team as a maintenance item to be resolved in the near future (unfortunately I am unable to confirm an exact timescale at present).

However, in the meantime an immediate work around for this is to amend the staff members role information in Arbor and then re-run the import for the staff group membership to be amended in Schoolcomms.

Wonde imports data from Arbor on an hourly basis so users will need to wait an hour after making any amendments within your MIS before running an import to ensure the latest data is imported.

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