Sending exam entries/results

Currently there isn't a 'built-in' way to email exam results and exam entries to parents via Schoolcomms, however if you are able to convert these to Assessment Manager reports in SIMS, you could then send these out via Schoolcomms.

I have included some information regarding this below, but I would advise you to speak to SIMS support if you require any further assistance with this.

Exam entries:

  • Ensure that Exams Organiser marksheets are made available to Assessment Manager – this is a setting in SIMS.2. Create an Assessment Manager individual report with a template – this will need a table with the first column containing a list of all examinations that are being entered by any student in that season.
  • A second column, perhaps with the heading ‘Entered’, would need to contain the ‘result’ of the appropriate entry aspect (the result will be a ‘Y’ for any students entered for the examination). A third column could optionally contain the aspect ‘description’ which would contain ‘Default entry’, ‘Centre Entry’ or ‘Private Entry’.
  • The individual report would then be uploaded to the Document Management Server in SIMS for all students in the exam season. Assessment Manager will strip out the references to examinations not being entered by specific students, leaving a list in the table of the exams being taken.
  • As the entry data is now in an Assessment Manager Individual report in the student's linked documents, it can be attached in the same way as any other report in Schoolcomms (please refer to the help link below to assist you with this).

Exam results:

There is a report in the Exams Organiser (Candidates Statement of Results, which can be uploaded to the Document Management Server). You could set up an Assessment Manager Individual report for results aspects in a similar way to the exam entries above, and this could be emailed to parents/students via Schoolcomms.

Instructions for emailing Assessment Manager/Profile reports via Schoolcomms can be found here.

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