Version 167 Overview

Meal Pattern Micro-Services

The requirement for this story was to enable microservices within the Patterns module to retrieve the required primary manager navigation options. The navigation data was previously retrieved using PP2 services. The required changes have been made and microservices have been enabled for the meal pattern primary navigation within the Manager application.

Edit Meal Patterns without Conflicts

School Managers now have the ability to edit an Event Pattern. A School Manager will have the option to select the Event Pattern they want to edit and will need to click the Edit pattern button.

The wizard will open for the selected pattern. A School Manager will be unable to edit the Pattern
name but will be able to click Select event to be directed to the existing details for the Event Pattern.

Meal Patterns Closing Days

When the ‘Consider closing days’ (Half Term Dates, Teacher Training days etc.) options have been selected for consideration within the Event Pattern setup, but closing days have not been added to the school site, the Event Pattern will continue to be applied for all days within the specified Event Pattern date range

Saturday/Sunday Meal Patterns

Existing functionality only allows a PPAdmin user to add an Event Pattern for a Saturday and/or
Sunday. This functionality will continue within the new Event Pattern module.

A School Manager is not able to create a pattern for a Saturday or Sunday. It would be unusual for a
school to want to create an Event Pattern on a weekend, and therefore the ability to do this has been
restricted to a PPAdmin user. This will avoid any mistakes when School Managers are setting up Event Patterns, and will stop unwanted attendance from being marked on a Saturday or Sunday

Archived Event Types

An Event Pattern can no longer be edited if the Event Type has been archived. It will not be possible to select an archived Event Type and the Event Type name will have ‘Archived’ added to it to provide clarity for the reason it cannot be selected. The School Manager will only be able to select an unarchived Event Type to enable them to edit and Save the Event Pattern.


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