Visitors meals/payments

Members need to be imported from your MIS into Schoolcomms in order for your Cashless Retailer to download Catering payments from us.
If you manually add a member into Schoolcomms they will not be assigned an MIS ID which will prevent your Cashless Retailer from being able to download the payments from us. 

As a workaround, you can add various 'generic' visitor staff records in your MIS (e.g. 'Visitor 1', 'Visitor 2' etc.).

Please note: A generic visitor would be created in SIMS with a staff record and would include an employment start date. As an alternative an ad-hoc meal could be recorded direct in SIMS and if chargeable a cash payment can also be recorded direct in SIMS.


You will then need to run an import in Schoolcomms.

Wonde imports data from Arbor/ScholarPack/Bromcom on an hourly basis so users will need to wait an hour after making any amendments within your MIS before running an import to ensure the latest data is imported.

The Visitor/s will then appear in Schoolcomms and you can then add them to the existing dinner payment request.

The Cashless Retailer can then download the payments made. 


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