How to use the ParentPay Group Academy e-Learning platform.

Would you like access to cost effective training at a time to suit you? Then look no further than our e-Learning portal!

  This article will teach you...

  • how to find and access the portal
  • how to log in or self-register for access
  • how to use the course catalogue

Accessing the e-Learning portal

Open a browser and navigate to This will take you to the login page where you can enter your credentials, reset your password, or self-register for access.


It's a good idea to bookmark the dashboard page so you can return to it easily anytime.


If you don't currently have access to our portal you can self-register.

  1. Click or tap on Register Now[1] as shown in the image below.register.png
  2. Complete the registration process and confirm your account by verifying your email.
  3. Once completed, log in using your new account details.

Logging in

Once you have been assigned an account by one of our team or you have self-registered, enter your email and password to log in to the dashboard. It's a good idea to bookmark the dashboard page so you can return to it easily anytime.

If you have self-registered your dashboard will display the Welcome tour of the Academy course that will explain how to navigate the system and find items in the open course catalogue.

If you already have an account or have been assigned one recently as part of your onboarding, your project lead or onboarding specialist will talk you through it. 

Using the course catalogue

Once logged in you will be presented with your Dashboard, displaying all of the courses you are currently enrolled on. You can now also access the full open catalogue.



Some items, such as courses that cover individual meal solutions, are not available from the open catalogue.  These will be assigned based on your contract by your onboarding or project specialist or can be allocated by request through the service desk.

To view and enrol on other available courses:

  1. Click or tap on the Catalogue [1] option at the top of the page.
  2. From the available list hover your mouse over a course that you would like to add to your catalogue and click or tap the Enrol Button [2]. enrol.png
    OPTIONAL: Using the Category Filter [3], select a learning category, then click or tap Apply [4] to display only a more limited selection of courses. filter.png

4. Once confirmed you will be returned to the Dashboard page where your New Course will be displayed as available.available

Accessing Completed Courses

After you have completed a course it will move to My Learning[5] and show as Passed/Completed[6]. To relaunch it, just click it and you can now relaunch the course.

The great thing here too. If we've updated any courses, you'll automatically get the newest course we have on offer!

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