How to view your requests in the portal

You can utilise the customer portal to raise requests, find knowledge content & manage your open or your organisations requests.

  This article will teach you...

How to view your requests in the portal.

Viewing Requests

Once you are signed into your account, you will be presented with the portal homepage. 

  1. Click on your Name [1] at the top of the screen.
  2. Click on My Activities [2].
  3. You will then see a list of your open requests. It will show the following information:
    • ID [3] - The reference number for the request
    • Subject [4] - The subject of the request
    • Created [5] - When the request was originally raised or created
    • Last activity [6] - The last time the request was updated by you or the service desk
    • Status [7] - The status of the ticket. It will be one of the following
    • Open - the support team is working to resolve the request
    • Awaiting your reply - the support team is waiting for you to reply to the request
    • Solved - the request has been resolved
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