How to update a request on the portal

You can utilise the customer portal to raise requests, find knowledge content & manage your open or your organisations requests.

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How to update a request in the portal.

Updating a Request

Once you are logged into the portal, you can update open requests that have been logged.

  1. Click on your name [1] > My activities [2]
  2. You will then be presented with a list of your requests. Open tickets will have one of two statuses:
    • Open - The support team is working to resolve the request
    • Awaiting your reply - The support team is waiting for your response
    • Click on the request [3] that you want to update (it will be highlighted in blue in the subject field)
    • The request will open up. This will show a summary of the recent notes from the request.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the request which will present you with the request update fields. You can do the following:
    • Add E-Mails[4]- If you wish to include another email on the request such as a line manager
    • Description [5] - Use this field to add text content for the update. You can use the formatting toolbar to change the text format, add images or links and more.
    • Attachments [6] - Add attachments to help explain the request further such as reports, images or documents.
    • Please consider this request solved [7] - Once you have added the information you can tick this box to advise the support team that the request is now solved.
    • Submit [8] - Submits the request to the support team.
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