How to enable Multi-Factor Authenticator

Multi-factor authentication (MFA), sometimes referred to as two-step verification or dual-factor authentication, is a security process in which users provide two different authentication factors to verify themselves.

Please note:

Before following these steps it is advisable to download either the Microsoft Authenticator app or Google Authenticator app to your device using the Android or iOS store. Other Authenticator apps may be compatible if you already have one.

How do I enable MFA in Schoolcomms?

  • After you have logged into your Schoolcomms account click on your username (top right corner) and select Settings.

  • Click Enable and follow the instructions.

  • Once MFA has been enabled, the banner at the top of the screen will turn green.

What happens when I login after I have enabled MFA?

  • Once you have successfully entered your login credentials, you will be navigated to the Two-factor authentication screen

  • Enter the authentication code and click Verify code to complete the login process

What happens if I have MFA enabled but don’t have my device with me?

  • Contact the Schoolcomms administrator (school multi-user admin only) who will be able to temporarily disable MFA.

    • If a user clicks on Forgotten device? on the Two-factor authentication screen, this will open a dialog which tells users to contact their Schoolcomms administrator.

  • Users that have MFA enabled will have a ‘Disable 2-Factor Authentication’ button under User Actions.

  • Clicking the button will disable MFA for the user until 23.59pm that day.

What do I do if I no longer want MFA enabled?

  • You can disable MFA by clicking Disable and entering the code from your authenticator app.

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