Trusted Authentication

SIMS schools are able to enable trusted authentication for users in SIMS, this then also needs to be configured within the users connect.ini file, allowing the user to auto login to SIMS without having to manually enter their SIMS credentials within Schoolcomms.

If your Schoolcomms is configured for trusted authentication but this has not been applied in SIMS. Then this would prevent the import from running.

Please could you ask your IT/SIMS support in school to check that trusted authentication has been applied in SIMS for your SIMS user.

Alternatively if you do not want trusted authentication applied. You will need to remove trusted authentication from the connect.ini file.

To access the connect.ini file:

  • Close Schoolcomms and SIMS
  • Open the File Explorer on the PC
  • Navigate to C:\Windows and locate the SIMS.ini file (the file type is Configuration Settings).
  • Open the SIMS.ini file and check the SIMSDotNetDirectory line
  • Following this path should take you to the local connect.ini file on the PC
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