Version 176 Overview

Browser Saved Login Credentials Fix

Issues were reported for users logging into the ParentPay Parent application via the Samsung browser if the user had previously saved their login credentials.

When the user attempted to log into their Parent Account using their saved credentials they were redirected to the ‘Forgotten your password page, instead of being logged into the account.

A fix has been deployed to fix the division on the page. This will enable a user accessing their Parent account via a Samsung browser to log in successfully using their saved login credentials.

PayByParentPay Refund Transaction Details

It was reported that details relating to a refund were missing from the screen when making a refund for a PaybyParentPay Shop item.

When a refund had been successfully processed the Refund issued page was displaying a Child, Description, and Amount header, but there were no details below to confirm who/what/how much the refund was for. These details will now appear 

The Child field will now display a dash, as no child data should be displayed on the screen when a refund has been processed for a PaybyParentPay Shop item.

PayByParentPay Receipts

As a result of the ability to use PaybyParentPay to make payments for a Merchandise shop, or via a Simple payment page, the requirement for this story was to ensure a School Manager receives the appropriate email for the payment. A Receipt email is already sent to the Payer when a purchase is made by PaybyParentPay through a shop page.

Enhancements have been made to the PaybyParentPay shop email to ensure a School Manager receives the correct Payment notification from the ParentPay email in the updated format, with the itemized shop details listed. The PaybyParentPay shop email will be sent to the associated email address for the specific shop when a payment is made via PaybyParentPay.

Trip Payment Due Dates

'Due Dates' has been added for a Trip to the trip tile located in the Payment item report. Making the Due Date more visible for the School Manager will help them to easily identify the date payment is due without the user having to click to view each individual Trip set up, or view the Trip reports.

Trips Information Anonymity 

It was reported that when a School Manager had completed the Trip information on behalf of the Parent/Carer and selected the option to ‘Keep details private’, the Payer was unable to make payment for the Trip. A fix has been deployed to ensure payment can still be made if Information Privacy has been set to ‘Keep details private’ by a School Manager.

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