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Do you need to set up a club where payers can book individual sessions and pay for each session (if required) as they book? Then this article is for you.

  This article will teach you...

How to create a club with individual booking sessions.



Before continuing it's worth noting that not all options we explore in this article may be applicable to your club so feel free to skip or stop when all of your options are configured.


Creating a club

Login to ParentPay as a manager

Navigate to Attendance, meals & events[1] then select Clubs[2]



Select Create Club[3] and give the club a name[4]


Select the desired type of club you want from the dropdown[5], in this example, we'll select an option where sessions can be booked individually.


Next, select the people or groups you wish to use the club[6] and click Add[7].


If you make a mistake use 'x'[8] to remove anyone. When you are ready and have added everyone click Save[9]


You may find it quicker to add classes or year groups and remove individuals from the right column.

Adding your first sessions

Now you have created the club you'll need to add some sessions.


Select the option to Create your first session.

Set your start and end dates then select the relevant days you want the club sessions to be available.

  • Blue days signify this is a day when the club would be available. 
  • Grey days the club is not available



You can select whole columns by using the header at the top, this may be quicker if your club always runs on a specific day e.g. Monday.

Booking choices

Next, you can customise your club if you have booking choices. (You may already have completed this as part of the above process but if you are coming back to a club setup then this is where you can access it)


If your club is free of charge, simply select the option stating My club sessions don't have charges or booking choices and Save.

If you want to charge for the sessions select My club sessions have charges or booking choices[1] and continue.

Enter a description[2] and charge[3] per session and click Add[4]Booking_options_4.png

Repeat this process for all booking choices e.g. different times or sibling options.

Once finished click Save

Club settings

If you want to further customise your club to allow for online bookings and customise these click Club settings.

To dismiss this option if you do not need it, you can click the 'x' in the top corner.


To start with this screen will appear empty with only a few options. To enable payer visibility of your club select the box next to Sessions will be visible to payers. If you leave this blank only you can see the club and will need to make all bookings.

Enabling online bookings allows payers to book online and will display further options.

Below is an explanation of each setting you can customise:

Choose when online bookings can be made This section allows you to control any cut-off rules you want for your club e.g. 08:00 on the day of the club.
Club capacity

Tick the box and add a maximum number of places. The system will only that many people to book a session.

As a manager, you can overwrite this and book additional people on.

Cancellations and changes Enable this feature to allow payers to cancel bookings and make changes up until the cut-off if you have set one.
Payment options

Pay now - the booking is reserved and the payer has 15 minutes to confirm, and then pay for a session. If payment is not received after 15 minutes the booking is cancelled and released to other payers.

Pay later - the booking is reserved immediately but the payer is not directed to make a payment and the account is allowed to go into debt.

When you have finished configuring your settings, click Save.

Create payment item

If you have added booking options and charges you must complete this action.

Click Create payment item


Complete the fields as required

Item name[1] - This will populate from the name of the club.

Short name (optional)[2] - This is an optional field but you could shorten the name of the club for this field.

Description[3] - The description field allows you to input details about the payment item and club.

Select bank account[4] - This dropdown is where you select the relevant bank account for funds to be settled. You can also input any account codes if you use them. 


When finished click Save[5]

You have successfully created a club with individual bookable sessions.


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