Cypad Planglow Integration

Planglow Integration allows users to export the allergen/nutritional info linked with the item into Planglow where they can format and print a label to stick onto the packaged item before it is displayed in the canteen.

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How the Cypad Planglow integration works

Accessing Menu Admin

Navigate to Menus > Admin.

Enabling Planglow Integration

Select Configure [1] from the navigation tree located on the left-hand side.


Change Labeling Integration Method [2] from None to Planglow.

Enter the Application Key [3] and Site ID [4] provided by Planglow.


Click Save.

Labelling Integration

Navigate to Menus > Items.

Select the Relevant Stock Item [1] from the Stock List.


Select Actions [2] located on the right-hand side and select Labelling Integration [3].


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