ParentPay Clubs - How to amend a booking

You may need to amend a booking made by a payer or change a booking choice if you have them to adjust for a change in charges or similar. An example of this could be that a payer has booked an early collection time from AfterSchool Club but calls to say they are stuck in traffic. You can change the booking option to reflect the new charge.

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How to amend a booking and booking choice

Navigate to Attendance, meals & events > Clubs

Select the active club you need to amend and select Manage bookings


You will now see a list of people, select the person you need to make an amendment to.



You can use the search bar at the top of the list to easily locate a pupil.


Click the "pencil icon" to edit a booking choice. When you have made the new selection click the tick to save your choice.


The final step is to confirm the change by selecting Yes


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