ParentPay Clubs - How to remove/cancel a booking

As a manager of a club you will at times need to be able to cancel a booking on a particular session. This will ensure that the cost is refunded appropriately and that the reports accurately reflect the correct number of booked places.

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How to remove/cancel a session booking

Navigate to Attendance, meals & events > Clubs

Locate the desired club from the Active clubs list


From the sessions field[4], select the appropriate date you wish to cancel a booking for[5] and a list of pupils booked onto that session will appear[6].


To cancel the booking, simply click the bin icon[7]


A confirmation popup will appear, click Yes[8] to confirm your actions.


If this was a limited space club, a session is now made available for other payers and a credit passed back to the payer.


The next section is optional and is only to be completed if you still want to charge the payer for the cancelled booking.

To add a charge for the cancelled session, select Record charges[9] and select the club[10]


Find the relevant pupil, select Charge[11], add a Note[12] explaining why a charge has been added, and enter an amount[13].


To finish click Apply actions[14]

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