Why is a parent unable to book a dinner?

There are several things that you can check if a parent has advised they are unable to book a dinner on School Gateway.

  1. Is the dinner plan Active and visible to parents?
    Check the School Gateway Settings to confirm if visibility checkboxes are ticket - click here to access information to assist you with checking the settings.
  2. Are there future dates available to book onto and have the school applied the menu?
    You can check this in Schoolcomms via Dinners > Select required Dinner Plan > Manage Menu
  3. Is the child a member of the dinner plan?
    Dinners > select required Dinner Plan > Under actions click edit
  4. Does the parent have Parental Responsibility in your MIS? Parents require this in order to view and book Dinners on School Gateway.

    Parental Responsibility is required for parents to be able to give consent, view online reporting information, see balances and make bookings on School Gateway.

    You can check if the contact has Parental Responsibility in Schoolcomms via the Registered Users report:

    To access the Registered Users report go to:

    • Dashboard
    • Management Reports
    • Click on Registered Users
    • Filter as required
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