How do I remove a pre-order from the Whiteboard?

Please find instructions below to assist you with cancelling Cypad pre-orders:

Via the Whiteboard:

  • You are able to cancel any pre-orders on the whiteboard up until 12pm on the day - CTRL+click on the child’s name to remove
  • You can also CTRL+click on a class name to remove all pre-orders for that particular class in bulk

Via School Gateway:

  • Parents can cancel their pre-orders in School Gateway by de-selecting the choice(s) and clicking “Confirm Bookings”

Via Cypad > Meals > Pre-orders:

  • Any pre-orders made via the parent on School Gateway, on the whiteboard, or manually via the pre-orders tab, can be cancelled (before 12pm) by clicking on the checkbox and de-selecting the choices.

Alternatively, meals can be cancelled once they have been confirmed, via the Transactions tab, by clicking on the relevant checkbox and removing any choices - the child’s balance will then be credited accordingly.

Please note:

  • The ability to cancel/amend pre-orders via School Gateway and on the whiteboard will depend on the ‘Parent pre-order lead days’ and 'Whiteboard pre-order lead days' settings (along with the 'Parent pre-order cut off time') within Cypad > Settings > Site Info > Whiteboard.
    • Example 1: If you have parent pre-order lead days set to 1, then parents won’t be able to amend the current day’s pre-order.
    • Example 2: If you have parent pre-order lead days set to 0 and the cut-off time set to 08:00, parents will only be able to amend the current day's pre-order up to 8am on the day.
  • If you have a tablet, the pre-orders are confirmed as transactions once the tablet has been synced after service. Therefore if the child is absent and the pre-order isn’t removed, the meal wouldn’t be marked as taken on the tablet and the child won’t be charged as a result.
  • If you don't have a tablet, any pre-orders are automatically confirmed as transactions after 3pm.
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