Why can't a parent see any menu options?

  • Please ensure that a week has been assigned to the calendar via Cypad > Menus > Templates

    • If not, you can add the menus apart from between 08:30-10:00.

  • Ensure that the particular week has menu items assigned via Cypad > Menus > Menus

  • Check there are no blank theme days applied for the days in question via Cypad > Menus > Calendar (as these will override the ‘normal’ choices) - remove these if necessary.

  • Does the child have a special menu template applied (check this via Cypad > Meals > Students, click on the child’s name, check the Templates drop-down box) - if so, does this special menu have items assigned and has it been applied to the calendar? Please follow the same steps as the ‘normal’ menu above to check this.

  • Do the menu options show for the school to manually record the pre-orders via Cypad > Meals > Pre-orders

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