How do I use the Cypad tablet?

  1. Login to the tablet with the relevant username/password.

  2. If this is the first login of the day, you will be prompted to run a sync - this is crucial to ensure any meal selections are picked up from Cypad.

  3. A list of classes is then displayed (the view can be changed by clicking on the menu in the top-right).

  4. You can view the legend/colour-code by clicking on the menu in the top-right.

  5. Any selections/pre-orders will display in light-blue (any diet notes for the child - not diet types - will be displayed here as well).

  6. When selecting a child with a selection, the menu choice is displayed and can then be confirmed by clicking the “Select button”.

  7. Once saved, the child’s name will change to green to indicate the selection is confirmed.

  8. For those without a pre-order/selection, the user can still click onto the child’s name and select any meals accordingly.

You will need to run a sync after lunch service to ensure that the meals show in the Transactions tab and that the child’s balance is charged accordingly (this can be run by navigating back to the class list and clicking the Sync option from the menu in the top-right).

The above numbered list corresponds to the screenshots in the following image:

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