Meal prices set by year group

Schools can set meal prices by year group on each individual menu items.

The amount a child is entitles to for UIFSM is the same as the FSM daily allowance and is picked up from Cypad> Settings> Site Info> Basic Info> FSM Daily Allowance.

If you select a meal with a cost equal to or less than the FSM daily allowance the child will not be charged.

As a work around for this you can set the meal price by year on each individual meal item, setting the price for the UIFSM years as the amount they want to charge + FSM Daily Allowance amount.

To amend the Prices by year:

Cypad > Click into the new UI via the toggle (top right) > Menus > Items > Click on the relevant item > Prices by year


  • Input the price for the required year group
  • Save


Any meals marked as taken / confirmed going forwards (regardless of when they were pre-ordered) will now use the new prices.

You may then want to change the minimum amount on the connecting payment request in Schoolcomms:

via Payments > Select the request > Click Edit > Amend Minimum Amount > Save


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