I'm doing a SIMS upload and get the error "Report not found"

When doing a MIS upload via SIMS, you may experience the error "info: time:date : Report not found"

To resolve the issue, you can carry out the following:

  1. Open SIMS and log in
  2. Navigate to Reports
  3. Select Run Report
  4. Select Focus > Student and check to see if the ParentPay2020 report is listed. If it is, try running it and confirm that it produces the appropriate records

If the report fails to run successfully or is missing, please install the latest report definition file (at the bottom of the article). To do this:

  1. Save the attached file to a location that you can access from your SIMS application
  2. Open SIMS and log in using your administrative account
  3. Navigate to Reports
  4. Select Import Report choosing the ParentPay2020.repdef file from the saved location

You should now retry your upload using MIS: Sync using autoupdate.

If the MIS: Sync application still fails to upload your data, check the following settings:

  1. Log in to MIS: Sync as a local administrator
  2. Navigate to Tools > Settings
  3. Select the SIMS tab
  4. Examine the path listed and confirm this is the same location where the SIMS report was installed and is the same location as your SIMS installation. This is normally 'C:/Program Files/SIMS/SIMS .net' but varies by installation. Please refer to your SIMS team or IT team if you are unsure of these details.
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