UFSM Reporting - Data Collection Users

The London Mayor has made a commitment to provide free school meals (UFSM) to all primary school pupils.

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What changes are being made to Cypad Reporting to assist with UFSM changes.


UFSM is called UIFSM (Universal Infant Free School Meals) throughout the Cypad system.

Data Collection Users

For UFSM KPIs to show information, a new question will need to be set up in Data Collection Questions.

Navigate to Data Collection > Admin.

Click on Data Collection Questions [1] from the navigation tree and click Add [2].

Adding Data Collection Questions.png

Set the Category [3] to ‘Meals UIFSM’.

Adding Category.png


To avoid duplication of UFSM meals in the reports, any existing question to record free student meals which are set to the category ‘Meals Free Primary’ should only be used for Pupil Premium meal numbers.

Entering UIFSM Roll Numbers

Remaining within the Data Collection tab, navigate to Sites.

Select the Relevant Site [1] to open site details.

Selecting Site.png

Click on the Roll Number Tab [2] and enter the roll number within the specified Text Field [3].

Entering Roll Numbers.png

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