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Frequently asked questions in regards to UFSM.

My school has been set up for London Free School Meals but shouldn't have been.  How do I switch it off?

You will need to contact the service desk to have this option disabled for your school.

My parents booked meals before the allowance was enabled and have requested a refund. What should I do?

You can either use the standard refund process to send the funds back to the parent or should they prefer, it may be possible to allocate the funds to another payment item (if both payment items are attached to the same bank account).  Alternatively, the parent may choose to leave the money in place for future paid-for meals and snacks.

Our meal bookings were limited to the end of the current academic year and now parents are unable to book for the new year.  What should I do?
You will need to extend your meal bookings into the new year and notify your parents that the meals are now available to book.
Our meals are more expensive than the current allowance but we would like to cover the difference. What should I do?
Contact our service desk team and they will be able to set the appropriate value for you.
We need to be able to report on the different free meals being taken by children at our school.  Is there anything I need to do to enable this?

All the appropriate meal reports have FSM, UFSM, and where appropriate, LFSM as a field option.  This will enable you to review meals taken for each group over the periods you wish to review.

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