How do I apply UFSM?

Universal Free School Meals is an initiative provided at government or regional level to ensure that qualifying pupils are provided with free, nutritious meal. These are typically key stage 1 pupils but can include nursery or KS2 groups in some regions.

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How to access and edit the Year groups to enable UFSM.


For more information on the different FSM Acronyms please see What is Universal Free School Meals.


Meal Manager Customers

Meal Manager Users (London)

A member of the support team will have applied this automatically based on your location.
If this has been done incorrectly or you have been missed please contact Schoolcomms support via or click here to complete a support request.

Meal Manager Users (Other)
Please contact Schoolcomms support via or click here to complete a support request to enable the UIFSM Flag for your requested Year Groups.

Meal Selection Users

Navigate to Payments > Admin.

The Years page in Payments Admin can be used to enable UFSM for the Year groups that are entitled to receive a free school meal at lunchtime under the UFSM program.

  1. Go to Payments > Admin and click the Years [1] option.
  2. Click a Year group [2] in the table to open the Year Details
  3. Click the UISFM checkbox [3] then the Save [4] button.


Do I need to set a UFSM status for new year groups updated via Schoolcomms?

Yes, if new year groups are added via Schoolcomms you will need to manually tick the UIFSM checkbox in Payments > Admin > Years.

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