Start of Year Checklist

You will have completed most of these tasks as part of the End of Year assistant. Now you are back after the summer break you may want to review some of the details.

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How to review the following tasks (if applicable)...

Use the accordion below as a checklist to complete some valuable tasks at the start of the year:

Calendar dates

As part of the End of Year Assistant, you will have needed to enter your new term dates for the next academic year. These dates may have changed over the holidays. Here's how to amend them now you're back.

Meal prices

The End of Year Assistant will have made you put in the new prices of your meals and clubs. This may have changed over the holidays. Here's how to amend them now you're back.

New Menus

New year, new menu?

  • If you use ParentPay menu selection check out the guidance here.
  • If you use Cypad meal manager check out the support page here.
  • If you use another booking solution please contact support.
How to refund a leaver

A common question when starting back is "How do I refund people that have left my school?" Check out this help page here.

How to clear a debt on a leaver account

If you need to clear debts follow the guidance here.


Do you have a club at your school such as a breakfast club or afterschool club? If so then follow the below guidance to help:

  • If you use the Clubs feature check out the support section here.
  • If you use a booking solution for clubs please contact support.

A common question in the first few days back is "Why are my leavers still in ParentPay and why can't I see my new students?"
The answer is, have you completed a successful upload with your new MIS data? Check out the pages here for more guidance.
How can you tell if you've processed a successful upload or upload failed? Check out this guidance.

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