How to change ParentPay meal booking cut off rules



School managers have the option to amend the meal booking cut off rules when appropriate.

Go to Payment items > View or edit an existing payment item.

Locate the relevant payment item and select Edit payment item.

Scroll down to the Booking Settings section

You can amend the booking rules here.


Booking range – This is the number of days in advance a parent/carer can book/cancel a session. This is set to 100 days as standard but can be amended.


The tick boxes should remain as default.


Payer cut off rules – This dictates when a parent/carer can book/ cancel.


Please note that when setting days of session the session closes at midnight.


· Change at any time – would allow the parent/carer to book or cancel sessions at any time


· No change within X days of session – This can be set for a rolling cut off. If you would like parents/carers to book/cancel sessions up to 2 days in advance you could set this as “No change within 2 days of session”.


· No change within X days of Month/ Week/ Half Term

  - ‘Month’ applies to the 1st day of each month.

  - ‘Week’ applies to Monday each week.

  - ‘Half term’ applies to the term dates set in your Calendar.


The most popular setting is ‘No change within 4 days of week of session’. This means that parent/carers would have up until midnight on Thursday to book/cancel sessions for the whole of next week.


If you would like parents/carer to have to book a month in advance then you could set ‘No change within X days of Month of session’.


If you would like your parents/carers to confirm all bookings 1 week prior to the 1st day of term for the whole of the next half term you would set ‘No change within 7 days of Half term’.


· No change after X on the day of session – This can be set if you wish to allow parents/carers to make booking on the day of the session. The time will need to be entered in 24:00 format.


Please note that the booking agent; which produces the reports, runs during the early hours of the morning. Any bookings made after this time are not guaranteed to show on the report. We do not recommend setting the cut off rule past midnight on the day of the session.


Manager cut off rules – This is set to anytime as default so that school admin can always make and amend bookings.

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