Individual meal numbers (Report 03)

The individual meal numbers report shows all meals that have been taken by a pupil, staff member, visitor or other consumer.

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How to locate and open the Individual meal numbers (Report 03) report.

This report will show the number of meals taken per individual pupil, staff, visitor or other consumer, providing a summary of total meals taken and how many were paid vs free (FSM/UFSM). It will also provide the current meal balance for those individuals.


With the introduction of London Free School Meals there will be an additional column, row, or table that will be displayed in meal reports for eligible schools.

  • If you fall outside of the London catchment the columns, rows or additional tables will not display.
  • If you are inside the eligible London catchment, and have the entitlement enabled, LFSM will be populated for all junior (KS2) year groups while UiFSM will continue to display Infant (KS1) year groups.
  1. Once logged in to your manager account, navigate to Attendance, meals & Events then Reports
  2. From the list, expand Meal number reports
  3. Select Individual meal numbers (Report 03)
  4. Refine your search by entering the type of consumer in Group 1, the year/class/group in Group2, or the name in the Choose Pupil field.
  5. Select the period you wish to review by entering start and end dates or select one of the predefined periods.
  6. Select the appropriate event time, normally Lunch time for meals though other options may be available.
  7. Choose a specific type if relevant or leave as All.
  8. Leave the Only plate related ticked for meals.  You may wish to remove this for other options such as clubs if you have configured a non plate meal type when setting it up.
  9. Select Show report to immediately show the summary data on screen.
  10. Options are available to Download to Excel if you wish to undertake further analysis of your data or Download to HTML if you simply wish to capture a visual copy for distribution.


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