Version 181 Overview

Onboarding Screen Changes

The onboarding screen displayed when a user logs into their parent account has been updated. Instead of showing information relating to Bank Transfers, details of One-click payments will now be displayed when the Parent or Carer logs in via the Parent application.

UI Changes

It was noted that there were inconsistencies with the styling of some of the buttons, and panels, within the magic basket. The following issues within the Parent application/magic basket were highlighted:

  • Spacing issues and a white background were showing within the panel in the magic basket Issues with the layout in Angular view.
  • The Parent account button was different from page to page and needed to be made full width and situated out of the panel.
  • The One-click button was not consistent with the style of the other buttons.
  • The Edit basket page should be full width an unnecessary margin was appearing to the left which resulted in the button being out of alignment.
  • Updates have been deployed to ensure the reported issues with the styling are fixed, and the pages within the Parent application/magic basket are consistent and conform to the required styling requirements

One Click Payments Messages

When a payer, who has selected to make a payment via the One-Click payments facility, is provided with details of the estimated date the payment will be made. The Payment Successful banner has been updated to ensure a payer is advised of the estimated date the payment will be made, and details of the Bank Account (last four digits) the payment will be taken from.

One-Click Payments Adding Bank Details

When a new Payer is provided with the option to add their Bank Account details on the screen to encourage them to pay via One-click payments when they are setting up their Parent account. When a new user logs into the Parent application for the first time after verifying their email address they will be directed to a new onboarding screen suggesting they set up One-click payments. If they select to ‘Skip’ the process they will directed to the Home page. If they select ‘Set up Oneclick payments’ they will directed to the Direct Debit mandate screen where they will be asked to enter their Bank Account details.

Account Credit Summary

 Parent Account credit that is added by a Payer is now displayed in the Order summary within the basket.
A line displaying ‘Parent Account credit added’, and the amount that is being added will be visible in
the newly styled basket. The option to edit or delete the Parent Account credit will also be displayed.

Mandatory Contact Page within EoY Assistant

'Update Contact Details' page is now displayed within the End of Year Assistant and is available for the School Manager to check and update. The Update contact details page will only be available once the Enter term dates and closure dates tasks (2/2 tasks) have been completed.

EoY Closing Dates

The Mandatory application settings within the End of Year Assistant have been updated to ensure the option to add Closure days becomes available for completion once the Term dates have been successfully added. When a School Manager adds the Term Dates the Mandatory settings will display 1 of 2 tasks

Save Mandatory Contact within EoY

A School Manager can now update the Contact details page within the End of Year Assistant. The option to select to Update contact details will only be available for completion once the Term dates and Closure dates tasks (2/2) have been completed.

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